LED Light Kits

I was looking into purchasing an LED Light Kit the other day. I was shocked at the price it $480.00+!! I’m barely scrapping by now.

I was at The Home Depot yesterday for totally different project when I walked past the lighting section and I took notice to the Led light panels. I said to myself wait there is only about 15-20 lumens difference between these and that kit I looked at. So I took the last of the money I had saved and picked up 2 – 1 ft x 1 ft Edge lite LED Color Changing Flat Panels ($39.97 each), Soft White 3000K, Bright White 4000K, Daylight 5000k. I also purchased 2 – 8 ft Extension Cords ($7.99 each).

Update: I spent about $10.00 today for some PVC fittings to finish making the legs.

I saved $384.08


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