Street photography is an art form

Street photography is an art form that captures the beauty and rawness of everyday life. It’s a way to document the world around us and freeze moments in time. For many photographers, street photography is a passion that brings them joy and fulfillment. But what happens when you can’t do it anymore? When the streets […]

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We done some light painting the past few nights, this is something we haven’t done in almost 10 years! Man what fun! All the lights cost me around $7.00 to make. I got two cyclinder type squirt guns from the Dollar Tree, a led jump rope from the Family Dollar Store, and some color plastic […]



I just about stepped on it! I was walking along Rattling Creek when I saw it sitting there just looking up at me. I’m surprised he hadn’t jumped because I didn’t take notice of it when I passed it the first time, it wasn’t until I turned around and looked down that’s when I noticed […]

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